JayBrake J-FL Forward Controls transform the look and feel of your Bagger by eliminating the factory floorboards in favor of oversized, folding pegs.

They mount directly onto the bike, with or without a highway bar, using stock mounts, pivot points and the master cylinder.

J-FL Forward Controls Peg with Peg Adapter come with H-D style foot peg clevis adapters and shift / brake pedal adapters having 5/16"-24 threads.

Machined from steel and billet aluminum.

J-FL Forward Controls fit 97 & up Baggers.

Available in chrome or black.

Matching grips and pegs are available.

Video: How To Bleed Brakes

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FC, JFL, '09-13, FULL RUBBER, BLACK* J-850JFL-133 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, '09-13, FULL RUBBER, CHROME* J-850JFL-132 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, '09-13, MULTI-BAND, BLACK* J-850JFL-173 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, '09-13, MULTI-BAND, CHROME* J-850JFL-172 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, '14-16, FULL RUBBER, BLACK J-950JFL-133 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, '14-16, FULL RUBBER, CHROME J-950JFL-132 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, '14-16, MULTI-BAND, BLACK J-950JFL-173 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, '14-16, MULTI-BAND, CHROME J-950JFL-172 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, 17+, FULL RUBBER, BLACK J-970JFL-133 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, '17+, FULL RUBBER, CHROME J-970JFL-132 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, '17+, MULTI-BAND, BLACK J-970JFL-173 $1,159.00
FC, JFL, '17+, MULTI-BAND, CHROME J-970JFL-172 $1,159.00
JFL FCTRL W/ ADAPTERS -2009-BA* J-850JFL-103 $959.00
JFL FCTRL W/ ADAPTERS -2009-CH* J-850JFL-102 $959.00



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