JayBrake J-6 Ultra Brake Calipers are a true progressively sized six piston billet aluminum caliper with two distinct looks that work with OEM ABS systems and provide incredible braking power.

They bolt-on directly to 2000 & up H-D style front lower legs (except Springers).

Available to fit 11.5”, 300mm & 13” rotors.

JayBrake J-6 Ultra Rear Calipers are progressively sized six piston rear calipers designed to fit on 2008 & up H-D touring models and provide improved modulation and stopping power.

These calipers are engineered with a six piston differential bore design for optimal performance and pad wear. The dual seal design utilizes a wiper seal for longer seal life.

The JayBrake logo is offset to allow for uninterrupted smooth lines.

They’re more compact than JayBrake Classic J-6 Calipers.

J-6 Ultra calipers are available in chrome or black.

J-6 Ultra Rear are available in clear satin anodize or black satin anodize.

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2008-up,Ultra,RightRear,300mm,BlackSatin J-306-765 $639.00
2008-up,Ultra,RightRear,300mm,ClearSatin J-306-766 $639.00
CALIPER, ULTRA, 2K+, FRT, RH, 13", BLACK J-306-563 $539.00
CALIPER, ULTRA, 2K+, FRT, RH, 13", CHR J-306-562 $539.00
CALIPER, ULTRA, 2K+, FRT, RH, 13", POL J-306-561 $489.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-LFT-2K&UP-11.5"RTR-BK J-376-163 $539.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-LFT-2K&UP-11.5"RTR-CH J-376-162 $539.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-LFT-2K&UP-11.5"RTR-PO J-376-161 $489.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-LFT-2K&UP-13"RTR-BK J-376-563 $539.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-LFT-2K&UP-13"RTR-CH J-376-562 $539.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-LFT-2K&UP-13"RTR-PO J-376-561 $489.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-LFT-2K&UP-300MM RTR-BK J-376-3163 $539.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-LFT-2K&UP-300MM RTR-CH J-376-3162 $539.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-LFT-2K&UP-300MM RTR-PO J-376-3161 $489.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-RGT-2K&UP-11.5"RTR-BK J-306-163 $539.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-RGT-2K&UP-11.5"RTR-CH J-306-162 $539.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-RGT-2K&UP-11.5"RTR-PO J-306-161 $489.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-RGT-2K&UP-300MM RTR-BK J-306-3163 $539.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-RGT-2K&UP-300MM RTR-CH J-306-3162 $539.00
ULTRA-J-SIX CAL-RGT-2K&UP-300MM RTR-PO J-306-3161 $489.00



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