JayBrake J-Six Classic Calipers are the original JayBrake progressively sized six piston billet aluminum caliper that bolt on directly to the stock H-D 84 and up (except Springers) front legs with 11.5 rotors.

Work with OEM ABS systems.

Brackets are needed for use with the rear rotor.

Right or left side fitment is available in a Smooth or Radial design.

These calipers were engineered with a six piston differential bore design for optimal performance and pad wear.

JayBrake J-Six Classic Calipers are available in polished aluminum, chrome or black.

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*CALIPER,J6CLASSIC,RH,11.5,2K+,RADIAL,B J-306-63 $0.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",00-06,FXST,RH,B* J-300-4263 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",00-06,FXST,RH,C* J-300-4262 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",00-06,FXST,RH,P* J-300-4261 $112.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",87+,FXR,RH,B* J-300-4213 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",87+,FXR,RH,C* J-300-4212 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",87+,FXR,RH,P* J-300-4211 $112.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",87-99,FXST,RH,B* J-300-4223 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",87-99,FXST,RH,C* J-300-4222 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",87-99,FXST,RH,P* J-300-4221 $112.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",UNIV.,LH/RH*,B J-300-4253 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",UNIV.,LH/RH*,C J-300-4252 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4",UNIV.,LH/RH*,P J-300-4251 $112.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4,94-JUL00,DYNA,RH,B* J-300-4233 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4,94-JUL00,DYNA,RH,C* J-300-4232 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4,94-JUL00,DYNA,RH,P* J-300-4231 $112.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4,JULY00-05,FXD,RH,B* J-300-4273 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4,JULY00-05,FXD,RH,C* J-300-4272 $139.00
BRKT KIT,J4/6,RR,3/4,JULY00-05,FXD,RH,P* J-300-4271 $112.00
CALIPER, J6, LH, PRE2K, SMOOTH, 11.5, B* J-370-063 $529.00
CALIPER, J6, LH, PRE2K, SMOOTH, 11.5, C* J-370-062 $529.00
CALIPER, J6, LH, PRE2K, SMOOTH, 11.5, P* J-370-061 $489.00
CALIPER,J6CLASS,RH,PRE2K,11.5,SMOOTH,C* J-300-063 $519.00
CALIPER,J6CLASS,RH,PRE2K,11.5,SMOOTH,C* J-300-062 $519.00
CALIPER,J6CLASS,RH,PRE2K,11.5,SMOOTH,P* J-300-061 $489.00



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